Business Travel Client Testimonial






Client Testimonial:

I just returned from Sacramento so this is the first chance I’ve had to respond.  I want to let you know that I do not believe I could be any happier with your companies services. 
The responsiveness of your people with providing itineraries has been wonderful.  It has been great working with Steve.  Steve was on vacation and Carol filled in without missing a beat.  What is that saying?  "This is what we never knew we always wanted!"
When I flew to Sacramento, there were probably 200 people waiting to go to the rental car center.  It took 8 buses before I could get on a bus to get to the center.  I walked in, walked through the center and out to the National Emerald Aisle, got in the car I wanted and drove off.  Oh, did I mention that every counter had 10-15 people (or more) standing at it?
I know that is primarily because of our working with The National Rep but Carol helped me last week get my account with National straightened out.  Without her help, I would have been in that line, perhaps for a couple of hours waiting to get my car.
I’m excited to see what our first months Delta mileage report will show.  That’s something we never even knew was a possibility.  It’s benefit that you opened up for us. 
So, I am extremely happy with the services you and your people have provided and I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.